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​Please read the following information before submitting your request.

To  inquire about an order please use the form below. I recommend 2-3 weeks notice when placing your order to secure the date you are wanting.

Please see menu for flavors and minimum quantities before placing your order. 

I respond to all emails and requests within 48 hours. I will answer in the order they are received. I appreciate it and look forward to bringing your dessert dreams to life!

For general, non-order/pricing related inquiries, please email me at


Thank you for submitting your order, please remember all order requests will be responded to on Sunday every week. -Teri

Ordering Terms and Conditions

  • Your order is not officially placed until your order is discussed with us and full payment (cookies, cakes, cakesicles) or deposit ($100 for weddings) has been received.

  • Upon receiving a quote, the client has 24 hours to pay the required retainer or required payment before the order slot may be given to someone else.

  • We reserve the right to photograph your dessert and post the pictures we take of all desserts made to our social media pages, website, and/or for print, unless discussed with client prior to order placement.

  • We cannot be held responsible for damage that occurs to your order after pickup.

  • Although it is a rare occurrence, Blue Mixer Bakery reserves the right to cancel orders in case of emergency or illness, and 100% of payment will be refunded to the client should this occur.

  • For a full refund, client must cancel order 14 days or more before the order is due. A partial refund will be considered between 7-13 days before the order is due. If it is 6 days or less before the order is due, no refund will occur.